Australia’s 10 Best Conference Swag Ideas

Its a new financial year here Down Under, so it’s time to start planning ahead and think about your conferences, events, and gifting calendar for the year. Which means…..NEW SWAG!! So, what’s the best way to choose your branded swag for the next conference, and what are the best categories to choose from? The 10 […]

Product In Focus: Jackets

It’s coming up to Winter here in Australia, so it’s a perfect time to talk about one of the most popular categories of product: Promotional Branded Jackets. Regardless of whether you’re looking for branded Jackets in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney or anywhere else in Australia, we have an option available for you! Lets discuss below a […]

Branded Products and Uniforms in Rainbow Beach

Promotional California Metal Drink Bottle 3

If you’re a Rainbow Beach business looking for a local solution to your promotional products and uniform needs, we are here to help. PromoPAL has been operating in the region for years, is locally owned, with management having decades of experience in the industry. Here are three major categories of product that we can help […]

What does “Print Registration” mean?

Something you may come across when designing and producing your promotional products is a concept called Print Registration, or Register. This can be quite simply defined as: The alignment or positioning of the print, or colours within the print This is of particular note when dealing with the following scenario: Screenprinting colours that are close […]

Popular Branded Flags, Banners and Signage

Branded signage, such as banners, flags, marquees and even tablecloths, can be a highly effective way to promote your business at a trade show or event. With a focus on local sourcing and quality product, we have highlighted three of the most popular promotional signage options here that can really elevate your brand awareness. Branded […]

Promotional Products and Uniforms in Gympie

Promotional Products and Unfiforms Gympie

For those looking for promotional products, branded merchandise or uniforms in the Gympie area, we’ve got you covered. As a locally owned business (Gympie Region), we know how to work with local businesses to ensure you get the best results and product possible. Here are three very popular categories of product we do for local […]

Product In Focus: Beanies

Embroidered Beanies

With Winter lingering here in Australia, we’re seeing a surge in requests for a product that’s been a promotional staple for years: Branded Beanies. Even in areas typically not seen as beanie country, like Brisbane and Perth, promotional Beanies are still very popular as they are a simple, cost effective, and widely used marketing tool […]

Working From Home Promotional Products

Work From Home Promotional Products

Working from home has become something of a way of life for many industries thanks to the evolving landscape driven by COVID-19. According to recent ABS data, nearly 41 percent of people worked from home during February 2021. So how can you, as an employer, help support those staff members, clients, or volunteers who are […]

What to look for in Branded Sports Bags

Promotional Sports Bags

Australia is a sporting nation, with a proud heritage and fierce grass-roots competition and fun woven into the fabric of our cultural make up. As a part of that, it’s a common sight on a weekend to see kids of all ages carting around gear in their Sports Bags and Duffles. So what makes a […]

Product in Focus: Calico Library Bags

Promotional Library Bags

As part of our “Product in Focus” series, we are highlighting specific items that are either on sale, or offer a unique branding opportunity that we believe will be beneficial to our clients. In this case, the Clayfield Calico Library Bag is a great option as 2022 is around the corner and our educational based […]

Production vs. Freight

Promotional products freight time

A very commonly asked question we get from clients is: “How long will my order take?” And 99% of the time, we can give a very accurate total turnaround timeframe. However, there are some exceptions, and this plays into the concept of Production time vs. Freight time. What is “Production“? In our industry, when the […]

Real Estate Promotional Products

Real Estate Promotional Products

It’s no secret that the property market here in Australia is one of the largest and most visible industries in the country. With signs up in every suburb, and agents always out and about, there are a vast number of opportunities to promote your property management or real estate firm. Here we give you an […]