The essential elements are fairly simple: we need to consider what the purpose of the products is (are you promoting a message, campaign, event, or is this a gift item etc), when you need the product by, the decoration type (embroidered, printed, engraved etc), and your broad budget. Promotional merchandise can vary significantly in price even between very similar items (for instance, a backpack can cost anywhere from $10 to over $100 per unit depending on the style/quality) so it’s important we nail these details down so we can find you a perfect solution.

Of course, that’s what we’re here for! If you have a brief, concept or even just a vague idea, contact us and your dedicated account manager will be able to find you a solution that matches your needs.

As a wholesale provider, we do have minimum order quantities for our products. On some of our products this can be flexible, however on most this is set by the factory and can’t be changed – we do this as it keeps individual product costs down so you get the best deal possible.

Absolutely! Our goal is to ensure you get your product on time, so if you have a deadline to meet make sure to let us know straight away as we may be able to push your order through quicker, or offer an alternate service to meet that need.

Production time refers to the period of time from when we have the order approved to when it dispatches from the factory. We have 100% ownership over that timeframe, so no excuses if it dispatches late! We also have great relationships with our freight partners so we can usually give a good indication of the delivery timeframe, but please note they are a third party who have their own processes.

We absolutely can, more than 70% of our work is through multiple colour prints. Unless there’s a restriction on the product due to the material or decoration method, we can do a multiple colour print, just send us your logo and we will quote you a 100% accurate price with no hidden costs.

Simply because we don’t charge a set up cost! We want your experience with us to be as easy as possible, so we provide you with one cost that includes everything, that way you’re not being stung with hidden fees.

As long as it’s for an identical item, absolutely. Due to the nature of the industry there are a lot of products that look very similar but are significantly different in terms of their product quality, so we do reserve the right to ask to see the comparison quote. This will also help us determine a per-unit cost, as we don’t charge set up costs so we may actually be more cost effective choice overall.

Freight charges vary significantly depending on where we are delivering to – shipping to major centres is going to be quite different than freight to the outback!