Australia’s 10 Best Conference Swag Ideas

Its a new financial year here Down Under, so it’s time to start planning ahead and think about your conferences, events, and gifting calendar for the year.

Which means…..NEW SWAG!!

Best Corporate Swag

So, what’s the best way to choose your branded swag for the next conference, and what are the best categories to choose from?

The 10 BEST Categories for corporate company Swag (that people actually want in 2022):

  1. Something Fully Custom!
  2. Branded Apparel
  3. Promo Drink Bottles
  4. Customised Bags
  5. Tech Accessories
  6. Fitness Gear
  7. Promotional Eco Mugs
  8. Desk Stuff
  9. Self Care Products
  10. Eco Friendly Products

Something Fully Custom:

While the world is chock-full of great products that employees and clients love, nothing shows care and creativity like something that has been made completely from scratch. This could be from ANY category, from a soft plushie to a custom designed backpack, or even a Work-From-Home box in the “new normal”.

The world is your oyster when it comes to fully custom products, and we’re always happy to work with you to come up with something truly unique!

Fully custom conference swag

Branded Apparel:

A classic for a reason! Being away from the office can lead to a decrease in feelings of being part of a team, but nothing brings your crew together for a conference like a sophisticated, matching look.

Add on to that, it also takes the guesswork out of what to wear!

Jackets, T-Shirts (or even some branded sweatbands!) all help to build team morale as well as creating a unified brand message while you are exhibiting or visiting at a show.

Promo Drink Bottles:

Stay hydrated, look good, and rep your brand at a busy conference with lots of eyes on you – need we say more?!

Promotional Drink Bottles are available in a huge range of shapes and sizes, capacities and materials. They’re fun, with a big branding area, can be locally sourced, and are often used long after the conference is over, increasing your brand impact every single time someone sees one of the bottles you chose.

Custom Branded Conference Bottles

Customised Bags:

Literally the #1 conference staple, your customised bag options are endless: from the humble (but incredibly popular) tote bag to help carry your OTHER swag, to something as sophisticated as a high end backpack or a wheeled bag for those coming from out of town.

Bags offer a unique branding opportunity, and thanks to their versatility are often used for years and years after the initial conference, creating a recurring (and significant!) branding impact.

Branded Conference Bags

Tech Accessories:

Probably the fastest growing category of product in the whole industry, Tech Accessories are the ideal conference swag item! Who doesnt have a phone on them at all time, let alone a laptop, tablet, or some other device?

Thanks to this surge in popularity, the range of tech accessories as conference swag just continues to grow every single year: from USBs, to branded wireless chargers, to speakers and even high quality dash cams, there really is something for everyone.

Corporate swag branded tech

Fitness Gear:

With the world emerging from lockdown, we’re all looking for that extra motivation to kick back into gear and start our own fitness journey again.

Whether its running in the park, biking over the hills, swimming, gym or classes, being active is one of the best ways to help keep you motivated in your work and hobbies, as well as increase your longevity! Therefore a product or two that can help you on that journey is ALWAYS appreciated and sought after at any conference or event.

Promotional Eco Mugs:

Possibly one of the biggest “new” product lines in the last decade is the introduction of the Eco Mug, and with the world returning to their offices this is the perfect time to visit this range!

With an ever-developing range of styles and looks, we know our clients love these mugs thanks to the fact that they’re simply used every single day, and solve the “problem” of keeping your well-deserved hot drink at the optimal temperature, while helping to eliminate waste and single use products.

Conference Swag Eco Mugs

Desk Stuff:

Perhaps not the most eloquent way of putting it, but you know what we mean! Notebooks, pens, jotters, coffee cups, mousemats – literally anything you can think of that you use on your desk on a daily basis!

This is a very, very good branding opportunity, as someone who takes some of your swag from a conference and looks at it every day on your desk is sure to reinforce your brand logo and message in their mind, so when it comes time to act on that need they think of you first!

Conference Desk Swag

Self Care Products:

It’s been a long day/week at the conference. You’re tired, you just got home, and you want to unwind.

This would be the perfect time to use some of that self care swag you got from the nice people at the conference! And while you’re at it, didn’t they have a great presentation, you should certainly keep them in mind the next time you need that kind of service.

Eco Friendly Products:

Lets be realistic – one of the core corporate governance policies in almost any business is to improve their impact on the environment. From Carbon neutral schemes to removing single-use items, we’re all doing our part to improve the world we live in. So why should your corporate swag be any different?

In almost every category of product there are Eco-friendly options that can help you be “greener” and delight your clients and employees.

Whether you’re looking for branded jackets in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide or Australia-wide, we have a range of promotional merchandise options that are perfect for you. We supply all over the nation, are fully Australian-owned and operated, and have years of experience!