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Winter Gift Guide 2021

Each year, the we here in the promotional product industry work with our clients to help them support their staff, customers and friends through the chillier months.

As such, we know how important it is to not only make sure that everyone stays warm, but also to make sure that you, as the client, aren’t wasting or overspending your budget. To this end, we have put together a short guide on what to look for in some of our more popular winter product categories!

Promotional Winter Jacket

JACKETS: By far one of the most popular ranges during winter (for obvious reasons!) our jackets come in a range of styles and colours. The key thing we advise clients to consider is simply the recipient. As with any apparel item, no one likes to wear it if it’s not suited to the conditions. For instance, the winter in Queensland or the Northern Territory is going to be focused more towards a lighter-weight (but still warm) item such as a Shell Jacket, whereas Victoria or Tasmania may be looking for something a bit thicker, such as a Puffer Jacket.

BEANIES: typically purchased alongside our Jackets, Beanies are a really effective way of promoting your brand. We supply everything from acrylic styles to cotton beanies, and even Hi-Vis! While budget is often the main concern, we always recommend looking at something where we can elevate your branding through a more advanced process than a simple embroidery, as this can mean a much more lasting branding impact and therefore significantly higher ROI from a marketing perspective. Options like Badging, Sublimation or even transfers can take branded beanies to the next level.

Promotional Beanies

COFFEE MUGS: One of the staple branded products on the market, coffee mugs come in a vast range of styles, branding options and materials. Everything from the classic can-style Glenmore Coffee Cup to internationally recognised brands like Maxwell and Williams are gratefully received when the chill sets in. The three things to consider with a mug are Material, Style and Capacity – especially for those of us in Australia who are pretty picky about their coffee! If you’re looking for guidance, simply touch base with your account manager who will be able to guide you through the options.

UMBRELLAS: Whats worse than being cold? Being cold and wet! By focusing on a quality item, our clients can ensure that not only are their staff and customers staying dry, but they are walking billboards for their brand or message. Umbrellas are very much part of the “You get what you pay for” family of products, with our range encompassing everything from budget-friendly event options such as the Alpine Budget Umbrella, fast turnaround options like the Express Check Golf Umbrellas, and premium quality choices such as the Dallay Umbrellas.

Branded Umbrellas

So there you have it! A quick, cohesive guide on some of the most popular winter promotional product options. For more options and to see our full range, please check through our menu, or if you want more information contact us on 1300 191 866 or email