What does “Print Registration” mean?

Something you may come across when designing and producing your promotional products is a concept called Print Registration, or Register. This can be quite simply defined as:

The alignment or positioning of the print, or colours within the print

This is of particular note when dealing with the following scenario:

Screenprinting colours that are close to each other

The most common scenario where registration will be flagged as a potential issue is during a screen printing process. This is mainly due to the method of screen printing, when each individual colour is applied to the product separately. This means that print and colour registration can become an issue, especially at wholesale quantities, with colours potentially overlapping each other and causing an adverse effect.

It is important to note that this type of registration does not always cause concern during screenprinting. It’s very dependent on the product being printed and the complexity of the print.

For instance, a hard product like a plastic bottle will have much less chance of poor registration than a t-shirt, because the surface allows for a much more precise print and there’s a significantly lower chance of the product moving during the print process.

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